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How it all started

In 1875, Ophthalmologist Dr. Charles E. Michael discovered the process that would become modern electrology. His accidental discovery occurred while removing a patient's ingrown eyelash. After discovering the effectiveness of the procedure, he dedicated himself to further research and development to improve the process. This lead to the development of the safe, reliable, and highly effective modern method of treating hirsutism (abnormal hair growth).

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How electrolysis works

Electrolysis is the technique of permanent hair removal.  A small amount of electricity is introduced to the base of the hair follicle in order to destroy the root of the hair.

The types of electrolysis

There are three types of electrolysis.  After evaluating your skin for its moisture level and texture, as well as your hair type and personal sensitivity, we will help you determine which method is most appropriate for achieving your hair removal and prevention goals.


Thermolysis applies high-frequency alternating current to the probe at the base of the hair in order to create heat and destroy the hair follicle.  This is very fast and effective making it the most commonly used method.


Galvanic was the first form of electrolysis and is not often performed.   It uses a direct current to cause a chemical reaction of the salt and water already present within the body to destroy the hair follicle.


Blend uses a combination of both methods to speed up the galvanic chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle.  This method is slightly slower than thermolysis but is very effective and often used to treat difficult areas.

How electrolysis is performed

Source: Dectro International

Hair Follicles And Sebaceous Sweat Glands

Without piercing the skin, a very fine probe is inserted into the natural opening (hair follicle) of the skin.  Once the probe is inserted, electricity is delivered to the hair papilla (base of hair) in order to cut off blood supply to the hair follicle and permanently stop hair growth.