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Electrolysis Clinic of Topeka

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Electrolysis Testimonials Topeka KS

Learn more about what our customers have to say.

The decision to have electrolysis on my eyebrows and upper lip was the best beauty decision I have made.  Laurie made it convenient and inexpensive for me to help banish my embarrassing facial hair forever.  Now I never worry that I haven't made an appointment for waxing or that I've forgotten to tweeze. I am much more confident to face the world than ever before.

--Cori A.

Topeka, Kansas


Working in the service industry, I felt self-conscious about my 5 o’clock shadow.  After having electrolysis done with Laurie, my beard is permanently shaped and groomed, and I no longer feel apprehensive about my beard growth.


Topeka, Kansas


As menopause has set in, so has the hair on my chin.  I had to pluck the hairs daily until having electrolysis done.  I had been to other Electrologists before and after leaving, I still had to pluck.  I highly recommend Laurie and her service.  Laurie, thank you for making me feel feminine again!


Topeka, Kansas


I always feel like a million dollars after I have a treatment with Laurie.


Topeka, Kansas


As a professional male, my appearance is an important part of my presentation.  Prior to electrolysis, my beard was perpetually dark, and neck hairs destroyed collared shirts within months.  After having electrolysis performed by Laurie Guilbault, my neck line has been raised and my beard thinned considerably.  I am much more confident in my appearance in business and social settings.  I highly recommend and endorse electrolysis with Laurie!


Topeka, Kansas


I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in my late teens and, as a result, was cursed with an excess of unwanted facial and body hair.  My endocrinologist in Topeka referred me to the Electrolysis Clinic of Topeka and I have been seeing Laurie for treatments ever since.  Although I have moved further from Topeka and there are electrology clinics closer to my home, I would not trust that any other technician would be as professional, thorough, timely, knowledgeable, sanitary and friendly as Laurie at the Electrolysis Clinic of Topeka.     Thanks, Laurie!


Marysville, Kansas


I have to say that I like a lot of people, and you know who you are, had a really bad moustache. Not a big deal except that I am a girl! We are not supposed to have that problem. Then after my pregnancy I had a lot of other hairs pop up in places that they just should not be. I have done the bleaching and did not like it because of the smell and the fact just like dying your hair that grows out plus since it is so short it grows out fast.  That and the fact that I have very sensitive skin and the bleach always made my skin freak out. So then I tried to do waxing. It is a little more expensive but same problem grows back out, and since it is short hair anyway it grows out quickly. That made it another big pain. I decided to try electrolysis as a last resort. I can say that I wish that I would have started here. It is no more painful than waxing and it is a more permanent solution. Not to mention since I am taking care of the extra hair on my face I decided to just get any hair removed that I had to shave. I know it seems lazy but ladies, you know it takes forever sometimes. This is the process to ensure that my free time does not have to revolve around an hour in the shower just for shaving every couple of days. I will say “I LOVE ELECTROLYSIS!"

--Laura K.

Topeka, Kansas


I have tried other methods of hair removal and must say that electrolysis is by far the best.  Laurie has helped me clean-up my eyebrows and upper lip and I am no longer self-conscious of these areas.  Laurie is now helping me with any other areas where those “nasty critters” may lurk or appear.  She is currently helping me with my toes so I can wear those summer sandals without worry or concern.  I have been to other electrologists but no one compares to Laurie . . . Laurie has a deep concern for her clients and takes a personal interest in helping her clients achieve the results they are looking for in their treatment.  Thanks Laurie.

--Joyce M.

Topeka, Kansas

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